youtube: The 5 Most Subscribed Channels On Youtube?


youtube: There is lots of channels on youtube whom people subscribe. And the new content is uploaded on these channels in the form of video every hour and people watch these videos for their entertainment. and also subscribe to these channels. youtube also gives play buttons to its youtubers according to subscribers.

Youtube channels

But there are many channels on which have a lot of subscribers. but today we have talk about the 5 most subscribed channels on youtube. The content which is created by channels constantly and 300 hours of video is uploaded every minute so it can be hard to keep up.

list of 5 most subscribed channels?

  1. T-SERIES = 150 million subscribers

  2. PEWDIEPIE = 106 million subscribers

  3. COCOMELONE – NURSERY RHYMES = 91.3 million subscribers

  4. SET INDIA = 80.2 million subscribers

  5. 5-MINUTE CRAFTS = 67.8 million subcribers

About T-series Music Record Label?

T-series having 150 million subscriber on youtube. it is a film production company and music record label of india. and the founder the company is gulshan kumar who died in 1997.

youtube channel t series

he was an indian businessman. and T-series is the youtube channel who have the most subscribers and 60% shares of indian music label is controlled by the t-series. the channel of t-series is a  biggest competitor of all time of all channels.

About Pewdiepie Youtube Channel?

Pewdiepie is the second channel on youtube who have more subscribers than many others channels. This youtube channels having 106 million subscribers on youtube. the founder of this is felix arvid ulf kjellberg he is an swedish video game personality.

youtube channel pewdiepie
                   founder of pewdiepie

pewdiepie was famous for playing and reacting on camera to scary video games. i think this channel is similar to reaction channels on youtube. the owner of the pewdiepie was born in sweden. and from the begginning he was very interested in video games such as mario or sonic the hedgehog. and later he focused on his youtube career. and today he is a successful youtuber.

About cocomelone – nursery rhymes?

cocomelone-nursery rhymes channel on youtube this channel is favourite channel of kids. this channel is popular for its animated featured videos among kids. In the united states cocomelone-nursery rhymes is the most subscribed channel on youtube.

youtube Cocomelone nursery rhymes

This channel is uploading two to three videos in a week. and this channel earns millions of dollars only from advertisement revenue. A 55 year old former commercial director jeon jay and his wife is creator and founder of this channel. the channel has 3 billiion plus views on youtube per month. and has become the most watched channel on youtube.

What About Set India Youtube channel?

Set india aka sony entertainment television is an language pay television channel. Is owned by sony pictures networks india and in india sony channel is one of the famous television channel in india. or 2nd most subscribed channel in india and 4th in overall. this channel was launched in 8 october 1995.

youtube channel sony entertainment television

There is many television channels in india but sony entertainment television channel is one of the popular channel. sony produced the reality hindi tv serial with drama and emotion. and in india most of the womens likes sony’s reality shows that’s why sony is one of the popular channel in india.

About 5 Minute crafts youtube channel?

The youtube channel 5 minute crafts is the 5th most subcribed channel on youtube. The 5 minute crafts is a DIY-style channel. the content videos uploading on this channel is fully related to life hacks. and that’s why people like this channel.

5 minute crafts youtube channel

The per day revenue of this channel is 15000 us dollars. the videos of this channel teach us how we can easily do great things with the help of crafts. 5 minute crafts is owned by Thesoul publishing company. the average views on per day is 3 million. 5 minute crafts is wildly successful channel now.

Youtube Gives Play buttons To Its youtubers?

The play buttons is the biggest dream of every youtuber. it means a lot to them but to get it hard work has to be done. but there is a criteria to get it.


youtube silver play button


Gold play button


youtube diamond play button


youtube custom play button

All of these play buttons only have 3 youtube channels. there are 3 channels currently who have custom play button. those are t-series and pewdiepie or 5 minute crafts. and there are no play button after custom play button.

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