How To Rank A News Website: 2021 Rank On First Page In Search Engine?


 How To Rank a News Website: 2021 Rank On First Page In Search Engine?

Today I Will Tell You The Correct Way To Rank Your News Website So That You Can Rank Your News Website On The Primary Page Of Google Search Engines. So, Let See How We Are Able To Rank Our News Website.

How to rank a news website

How to rank a news website: There many news websites which are already ranking on top pages in search engines. does one understand how this websites is ranking on the primary page in google, I’ll tell you they have followed some simple strategies to rank there websites.

If you also have a news website and it’s not ranking, then many question arise on you for example -:

You have to follow some seo {search engine optimization} rules to rank your news websites. so, here are some tips which you’ll follow and rank your site. read also

1. Select One Category For Your News Website

First of all, you have to select your niche because unless you select your niche you cannot rank on google. Select a category on which you may publish news content. but there are many news websites that provides you news of everything.


As you can see above that this website is working on a particular category like sports. this website publishes every news of sports category.

If you select a particular niche and work on it daily so your website starts to rank. because a niche website is website that caters to a small segment of large market by focusing on a common, specific interest.When you focus on a particular interest, topic and work on it, it is called niche.

Some news website owners make their site automatic news website. in this you have to buy a premium plugin called wordpress automatic plugin, these plugin fetch your website from other news websites and


I would like to say one thing to them that put one or more posts everyday and that too in each category and you follow all the steps given below, no one can stop your website from ranking.

2. Make Sure To Optimize Your News Website

Optimization is incredibly important for websites it helps you to rank the website at the highest. On-page optimization for news sites is pretty straightforward. All you need is high-quality content articles that are optimized both for users and search engines.

Always write prime quality content and write daily this will make you expert in writing content. time to time upload latest news on your website.

Add outbound link in the post and internal links too. write articles on low competition keywords if you are working on a new website. write an article that is easy to read and use some plugins which helps you to optimize your website.

Use (AMP) accelerated mobile pages plugin, this plugin create a lighter version of your website which means mobile friendly pages for your website. Quickens your website speed and reduces loading time.

The post url should be such that after reading it you know what the post written on. and write seo friendly titles for your news website.

Also use minimal size images and use image optimizer plugins and this will help you a lot to load faster your news website.

3. Find Low Competition Keyword For News Website

There are thousands of latest websites are created everyday. and there’s many ways to rank these news website on google front page. but the foremost important way is to do keyword research. before writing an article you have to find low compitition keywords which supported your niche.

As you know that, there are many keyword research tool is available on internet but today you will get to know about free keyword research tool for seo. and these tools will help you to rank your news websites on google.


how to rank a news website

The word tracker free keyword research tool, with help of this tool you can easily take the low competition keywords with also good volume and CPC. daily you can search upto 10 keywords for free with 50 results each. that is a great tool if you want to do free keyword research.

how to rank a news website

As you can see, the results of the searched keywords have been revealed in a clear manner. this tool will show you the accurate date as compare to other tool this is my 2 second choice after google adwords keyword planner.

4. Does Your Content Shows Up In Google News

Millions of news website exits on google news and google provide’s the news according to the user’s interest. people love to read news on google news, it help people read the latest and local news and you can read news of more than 60 languages and 50 more regions. that’s why many news website owners apply for google news.

how to rank a news website

Google news publishers

google news is a platform on which people come from every corner of the world and read news and never write duplicate content or else google news will never give you approval.

all you have to do is add your information like images and videos or logo etc. keep writing a good and unique article.

If you want to show people of your articles on google news, then you must have a news website. and if you do not have a news website, then you will never get approval for google news even if you write articles related to the news.

So,It is useless to try everything without a news website.

You can get thousands of visitors to your news website from google news because google news is a news aggregator. you have to apply your website for google news it helps you to increase your organic traffic. because if you want to bring a lot of organic traffic to your news website, then google news is a very good place for this. you can also read

google news content policies

We strive to make it easy for users to find news from publishers that consistently produce independent and original work, containing a significant source of fresh, original and purposeful content. Our content and behavior policies play an important role in ensuring this positive experience for our users and publishing partners. To be eligible to appear on news surfaces, sites must meet Google’s Webmaster Guidelines and also be in compliance with the news policies below.
When we find content that violates these content policies, we may remove it from appearing on news surfaces such as Top Stories or our Google News applications. In cases of repeated or egregious violations, a site may be no longer eligible to appear on news surfaces.
We may make exceptions to these policies based on artistic, educational, historical, documentary, or scientific considerations or where there are other substantial benefits to the public.

5. Do Not Create Duplicate Content

Whenever you write duplicate content google gets confused about which website it shows in the search engine, then it has a huge impact on your SEO. your site becomes negative in the eyes of google.

If you write duplicate content you will never be able to rank because whenever you write duplicate content, so that content is already available on the internet, so how will your content rank in search engines. and copy content is already ban for news websites.

But some people make copy content and convert into unique content with help of articles spinners. but maybe some people don’t know yet that google is very smart.

The technological company Google checks the plagiarism of the articles and it comes to know that this article has been copied and it never show that article in search engines.

6. Create Attractive Meta Description And Title Tag

When meta description and title tag are shown in search results, it is very important that your title tag and meta description should look attractive. so that searcher can click on your website after reading title and meta description.

title tag and meta tag

Focus on creating attractive title and meta tag’s

You should focus on creating attractive title tags and meta description because when people come to your website after reading your title and meta description then then google likes your ctr (click through rates). After looking at a good and attractive title and meta tag,

Google find out what the page is about and if you add your target keyword to it then your page ranks on a keyword. and is shown in search engines.

Always make the title tag under 50 to 60 words because it is not possible to show full title in small devices. so try to make short title.

If you want to rank on your target keyword, then put your keyword at the beginning of the title and make it attractive so that it attracts the attention of the searcher. and also add your target keywords in meta description and try to make catchy description.

Meta description does not matter on your ranking. but it is very important to look good because the searcher comes to the website only after reading it.

meta description

In the wordpress it becomes very easy to write meta description and title tag when you are using yoast seo plugins. this plugins will show you side by side that your title tag and meta description is SEO friendly or not.  and if you do not know how to use this plugin so, you can click here.

7. Boost Your Website’s Page Speed

If seen the loading time of the website has a deep impact on the ranking of the website because if the website takes time to open, the searcher will go back from it. and this also increases bounce rate of your website.

In 2018 google says that page speed of the website is a major ranking factor.


“People want to be able to find answers to their questions as fast as possible — studies show that people really care about the speed of a page. Although speed has been used in ranking for some time, that signal was focused on desktop searches. Today we’re announcing that starting in July 2018, page speed will be a ranking factor for mobile searches.

The “Speed Update,” as we’re calling it, will only affect pages that deliver the slowest experience to users and will only affect a small percentage of queries. It applies the same standard to all pages, regardless of the technology used to build the page. The intent of the search query is still a very strong signal, so a slow page may still rank highly if it has great, relevant content.

We encourage developers to think broadly about how performance affects a user’s experience of their page and to consider a variety of user experience metrics. Although there is no tool that directly indicates whether a page is affected by this new ranking factor”.

And if you want to see the page speed of your news website, you can do it by google’s page speed insights tool. for how to boost your page speed, you can use some optimizer plugins like i mentioned above about a plugins called AMP plugin.

And there are many more things which if you will notice page speed is very will be fast.

When you enter the URL of your website it analyzes your website and it shows you the score of the website and also shows what are the issues that need to be fixed in it.

how to rank a new website

We all bloggers will not forget to thank google because google has given us a free tool to do a free page speed test. and this also shows that what are the issues on our website, due to which the page speed of the website is very slow.

Google says “We can reduce our load time by 3 second if we make some improvements on our site.” And by doing this 10% of our traffic will be increased which could not reach us just because of our load time.

8. Create Backlink’s For More Visitors

Backlinks means the website that attaches to your website and this brings organic traffic to your website. back-links is the supreme ranking factor. It increases your organic traffic, but the traffic also depends on the quality of your back-link.

Google Crawls Your Website.

When google crawls your website it sees how the website’s back-links are connected to each other.

I mean to say that google checks your every back-links on your website, sees that how are the pages connected to each other through the back-links. Having backlinks to a website greatly impacts the SEO of that website.

There are many ways to create back-links, you can send mail to other websites and tell them that how many good articles you can write on your website. and request them to add a link of your website in their own articles or you can deal with them in this. Also you can also write your message in the comment box.

you can use back-links creating tools like ahrefs tool and majestic tool or you can use monitor back-links. but you will be able to use these tools only when you purchase their plans.

there are also some tools that give you a chance to create back-links for free. drop my link is a tool website that gives you the option to create back-links for free.

In this, you just create an account by login with your gmail ID after that there is some option in it, which you have to select the niche of your website, and you have to create a case back-link and select its type. and its shows the result which based on your selected options. AND

HA HA 😀😀 don’t think i’m promoting a website.

9. Update Your Content On Daily Basis

You always upload new content every day on your news website. regularly updated content is viewed as one of the best indicators of a site’s relevancy. google crawls your website every day and sees how fast the website is working.

Or you can make a schedule on which day you will update your content. uploading new content daily makes your website user experience great and this keeps your website time to time updated and fresh. And whenever someone comes to your website, he likes to come back after reading your new and latest content.

10. Make Sure Your Content Is Readable

If you don’t know how to rank a news website then, write a readable content then whenever visitors come to your website, they like your content and they understand well. writing a readable content is very important to run on a good ranking.  when google crawls your website they try to understand what you write in your article.

Right way to write a readable content for news website.

  • You write your title at the beginning of your articles, what we call headline.
  • After the title you write an intro between 50-60 words about the article. so, that it is easy to understand on which topic the article is written.
  • Use shorter sentence.
  • write your body text that means the main part of the article, the visitors knows what has happened.
  • use bullet points.
  • Use short and simple words


How to rank a news website

And if you use this technique and write an article. then your article is readable and visitor would like to visit again. when you use headings or sub headings in an article. it makes your article easier to understand. you can add shorter sentences in your paragraph’s.

I mean the article should be something that the visitor likes to read. and some people write articles by ignoring the readability and it becomes a bigger reason for the small mistakes website not to rank.

you can use yoast seo plugin. it has a readability analyzer that tells you whether your articles are readable or not. While writing the article, write your focus key-phrase in the right place and write some unique words in bold or change the font color.


Today whatever i have told in this article. I follow these steps myself and get my website ranked. you have to follow all these steps if you want to rank your news website.

Finally, I Would like to say one thing that all of you who have come to read this article. follow these steps and one thing is guaranteed that you will forget to search “how to rank a news website” on google.


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