free keyword research tool: 2020 best 8 free tools for seo?

free keyword research tool: 2020 best 8 free tools for seo?

Free keyword research tool

As you know that, there are many keyword research tool is available on internet but today you will get to know about 8 free keyword research tool for seo. and these tools will help you to rank your new websites on google

There are thousands of new websites are created everyday. and there is many ways to rank these new website on google first page. but the most important way is to do keyword research. before writing an article you have to find low compitition keywords which based on your niche.


Today I’m going to focus on 8 free keyword research tool that will help your website ranking. so are you ready to take advantages of this free keyword research tools. and make useful content for readers.

Then, let’s get started.


free keyword research tool

That is most favorite free keyword planner tool has been a favorite for many years. it shows the accurate and real data of the keyword from direct search engines.

this tool is helps you a lot especially when you work on new website. it help you just like your friend.

  •   The first step  is very simple entering your keyword or keywords into the search box.

free keyword research tool

after entering the keyword in search bar it will show you the exact data of your keyword and related keywords. and volume, monthly searches and compitition of your keyword. like this.

free keyword research tool this will help you a lot in ranking your website and first benefit of this tool is easy to see. you can directly check your keyword performance. every thing you need here is laid out in a manner. this is the best tool among all free tools.


The word tracker free keyword research tool, with help of this tool you can easily take the low competition keywords with also good volume and CPC. daily you can search upto 10 keywords for free with 50 results each. that is a great tool if you want to do free keyword search.

free keyword research tool

As you can see, the results of the searched keywords have been revealed in a clear manner. this tool will show you the accurate date as compare to other tool this is my 2 second choice after google adwords keyword planner.


As you can see, the user interface is very unique and impressive of this free keyword research tool. you can enter a keyword in the search bar and then see what happen.

free keyword research tool.

this platform represent the questions in the form of keyword and you can use these keywords in your blog’s article. when you use these keywords on your blog, they will help you in ranking the website. because these keywords also an LSI keywords and already index in google.

so from here your chances increase in website ranking.


free keyword research tool

This tool is great for start your keyword journey, here you can enter your keyword in search bar and the tool will shows result on screen. this platform very helpful for all new website owners. if you are using it for the first time, then you cannot use it without sign up.

bmi age calculatorEnter your keyword here.

free keyword research tool

the results will looks like this, this tool provide you to monthly free 100 searches.  if you want more then you pay for premium plan but by the way when you are in initial days so the free plan is suitable for you.



free keyword tool

Again this is a free keyword research tool, Although it also has upgrades, still you can benefit greatly from its free plan. if you uses free plan, find a low competition keyword without paying anything.

first of all you can enter your keyword then keyword tool dominator will start typing search terms into google using the search term you provided. now select the keyword which you want and download by clicking the ” Download selected keywords” .


free keyword research tool

keysearch is a great tool for finding a low competition keywords that you can use easily and again it also has upgrades. and in the free plan you can get best low competition keywords and good keyword ideas.

after entering the keyword in the search bar it shows the search trend of your keyword or volume, ppc, cpc and score of your keyword and related keywords and also shows the particular url’s which are ranked on your keyword already.


free keyword research tool

as you can see that the user interface is looks very basics and nothing special in the inside of this platform good features are not available but you can generate keywords for your website seo and ppc and generate new domain names of your website.

free keyword research tools

if you want broad match and phrase match and exact match any type of keyword you want you can get it by selecting your match but you don’t get a search volume here. and if you have to search keywords for free, then there is no better tool than this.

Let’s also look at one last tool.


Soovle is a free keyword research tool, platform this tool provides you to auto complete suggestions from some platforms like yahoo, bing, youtube,,, wikipedia. you just enter your keyword in search bar. the result will ready to show you.

as you can see that it has generated keywords from 6 platforms. using this tool is as simple as entering your keyword. it helps you to rank your website in google search engines quckly. you can also choose your source but google is default. you can change it easily.

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