ajay nagar urf “carryminati is going to be a part of bigg boss 14”? Reality show on colour channel.

ajay nagar urf “carryminati is going to be a part of bigg boss 14”? Reality show on colour channel.


Ajay nagar urf carryminati in bigg boss

ajay nagar urf carryminati is a well known youtuber of india. it is being told that they are soon going to be a contestant of bigg boss reality show season 14. with three other youtuber’s and bigg boss 14 is set to launch next month and the show will host by salman khan like every time. and the bollywood actress neha sharma also going  to be a contestant of the show.

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ajay nagar post an tweet on wednesday and he wrote in it that ” I’m not going in bigg boss! don’t believe in everything you read.” and their good friend bhuvam bam is replied to his post said ” tu next year bhi jayega. jaise mai pichle 4 saal se jaa raha hoon”.

actress neha sharma also tweet and said that she’s are not going in bigg boss. “Please take this as a confirmation,I’m not a part of big boss 14…” and while these two celebrities have refuted reports.

there are many names in the list of bigg boss contestants. some names have come up and it is being told that these contestants will definitely go to this show. and their names are jasmin bhasin, jaan kumar sanu, pavitra punia, nishant malkani, Eijas khan, naina singh and shagun pandey. and other names in this list is ali goni, akansha puri, amrapali dubey, tina dutta, avinash mukherjee and adhyayan suman. and now the fans of this show is very very excited for bigg boss season 14 show.

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A few days back Ajay nagar urf Carryminati’s another channel full of gaming and joy got hacked by a bitcoin streamer. carryminati’s account of youtube also asked to his fans to donate bitcoin through a particular url.

ajay nagar in bigg boss

Not carryminati’s account hacked most prominent peoples were also hacked. The twitter account of some prominent people including Jeff bezos, Elon musk, Warren buffet, Barack Obama, Joe biden, and Bill Gates were also hacked and all these accounts tweeted out a similar bitcoin message asking people to donate bitcoin through a particular url.

account hacked

ajay nagar said that on his twitter account “@youtubeindia my channel Carryislive has been hacked.

ajay nagar is tweeted and said that my youtube channel has been hacked.

The account of youtube india on Twitter was also quick to respond and they left a comment.

ajay nagar

Some of his fans were upset about the situation while some had hilarious jokes have a look at some of comments on twitter.

ajay nagar

ajay nagar

ajay nagar

that is hilarious.

carryminati’s initial time?

Carry was born on 12 June 1999 in a city near the capital of India (Delhi), in Faridabad, he is based. He went to school till 2016, but later we were dropped out to pursue his career on youtube.

Just because of the fear of failure, he didn’t appeared in 12th board examination, but through long distance learning he completed his schooling.

youtube vs tiktok?

In 2020, there was a video created by carryminati titled as “tik tok vs youtube – the end”. And he roasted that too much as well as some creators of tik tok such as Amir Siddiqui.

Later that video achieved the highest numbers of likes and views on the non-music video on youtube (India). And it was deleted by the youtube India and this thing affected the ratings of tik tok on google play store from 4.0 to 1.0.

And carryminati again upload a video titled ” STOP MAKING ASSUMPTIONS | TIK TOK vs YOUTUBE -THE END ” was also got viral and become most liked and viewed non-music video on YouTube (india).



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